StartSe is a Business Knowledge Platform that simplifies the complexity that exists in the world and brings quickly, thought-provoking and personalized the most current learning that exists, The Knowledge of Now. The company works to help professionals and companies stay competitive and relevant in this New Economy. It is based in São Paulo, Brazil, and has offices in the USA and China.

Warren is an investment broker and asset manager authorized and regulated by CVM. It is the first broker in Brazil to operate in an aligned and transparent way with clients, offers a complete platform with the best investment experience. The company has physical spaces in Brazil and the United States, as well as partners throughout the country.

FitBank is a payment platform for infratech banking with the most comprehensive and robust solution in the financial segment, which today serves 18 sectors of the market. The role of the company is precisely to be behind the neobanks, banks, fintechs, being the pillar for financial services 100% digital. Since its foundation, it has provided solutions without intermediaries, freeing companies from an expensive, slow and restrictive legacy.

Monkey is an ecosystem that aims to make the receivables discount market more efficient, benefiting the supply chain of large corporations and expanding the credit market for SMEs in Brazil. The company's mission is to connect traditional industry suppliers to buyers of receivables through technology, with a digital trading platform. The company works to change the way credit is understood and priced in Brazil.

Yuool is a company focused on creating extremely comfortable footwear made with sustainable raw materials of extreme quality. Created in the format DNVB (Digital Native Vertical Brand) with direct sales to the end customer, without intermediaries and that allows selling a product manufactured with the best materials in the world at a fair price. It seeks the retail revolution and was born with the mission of bringing more comfort to people's lives.

Vortex is the 1st Fintech born from the dream of uncomplicating the capital market through technology. The company is fully independent and specialized in investment infrastructure with a focus on technology, transparency, service and know-how. It offers all the backoffice services required by the legislation for managers, issuing companies and non-resident investors in the country so that they can focus on what really matters.

Lovin Wine is a company that was born in the digital world to offer premium wines in a can, and aims to always provide an unforgettable experience, from the purchase to the consumption of the product. The company operates with the purpose of uncomplicating the rituals that involve the consumption of the beverage, but without renouncing the quality, besides following the worldwide trend of canned consumption.

BM&C is an independent channel that seeks to bring the best information the best firsthand information in order to help the investor in the best decision making. The targeting of the content is economic analysis with a focus on the financial market. The company has no link with any broker, bank or any institution that imposes a conflict of interest, all to ensure that the search for quality information is the main purpose.

Conta Simples is a digital bank focused on small and medium-sized enterprises in the new economy, providing control of spending and efficiency gains in day-to-day operations. The company delivers expense management and checking account in one place, with a smart multi-card platform. The company is accelerated by Y Combinator and is on the list of 100 Startups to Watch 2020.

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